The Girl Whisperer: Series 2 Episode 5

Apologies to the hardcore Girl Whisperer fans who must have had an angst-ridden Monday wondering where the new episode was. We're putting it out a day late due to Latitude.

Anyway, here's the penultimate episode! I absolutely love this one. Literally nothing happens in it. The kind of comedy that first got me excited about wanting to make stuff myself when I was growing up was the sort of thing where nothing much happens except that the characters talk to one another, and the second half of Series 2 is very much in that mould. I'm very, very proud of it and this one makes me laugh a lot. I hope you enjoy it too! Also, the confused schoolboy's cameo is my favourite moment in the entire series.

Starring me and John Kearns, directed by Giles Alderson and produced by Charlie Laurie, Ralf Little and Zoe Rocha. Do share if you enjoy it!