Double Act

I'm very excited to share this with the world. It's my first ever proper short film, which I started working on with Matthew Highton around Christmas, and it's the first thing I've ever written not as a showcase for myself but because I had an idea for a story I thought it would be fun to tell. It's about ambition, murder, failure, friendship and showbiz politics. I hope you enjoy it!


Written by Joz Norris

Produced and directed by Matthew Highton


Ed Aczel as Greg

Michael Brunstrom as Patrick

Gabby Best as Anna

Joz Norris as Phil

DOP & Editor - Stuart Laws

Camera Operator - Justyna Bomba

Grade & Music - Al Clayton

Special Thanks to - Hollie Ebdon; Jonny Collis & COGArts Camden; Camden Comedy Room; Amy Coward & Daniel Cooper; Eleanor Morton; Darren Walsh; Grace Gibson; David McIver & Alwin Solanky