The Girl Whisperer Series 2 Episode 6

The sixth and final episode of The Girl Whisperer Series 2 is here and it's my absolute favourite. This week, Joz decides he needs to probe a bit deeper to understand his loneliness, and Emma, in the role of his budget therapist, helps him to lay an old ghost to rest.

Thank you so much to everybody who helped me make this series. I'm really proud of it. I wanted to write something where the characters have a warmth and a heart to them that comes through even when they're just talking to one another trying to be kind to each other. This run of episodes is genuinely one of my very favourite things I've ever made. We've had loads of amazing feedback from people I really admire, which is hugely gratifying, and our next job is getting it seen by as many people as possible. If you've enjoyed the series, please do give it a share, I'd love it to find a nice big wide audience if it can. Many thanks again, everybody.

Starring me and Harriet Kemsley, directed by Giles Alderson and produced by Charlie Laurie, Ralf Little and Zoe Rocha. Lots of love, all. xx