Final EdFringe Coverage Bits

Just a quick one, this. I'm in Edinburgh now ready for the Fringe (I'll post a full run-down tomorrow of where you can find me in various shows), so a few thank you's to some other people who've had nice things to say about my show over the last few weeks. A big thank you to Matthew Highton, Angus Dunican and Kate Lucas, who all recommended my show in various Fringe Q&As, which is very lovely of them, and a massive thank you to Laugh Out London, who've continued to plug not just my show but various others I'm involved in, including Comedians' Cinema Club and Adam Larter's Return On Investment. Many thanks to Bob Slayer and Becky Walker, who have said lovely things about my show in the official Heroes of Fringe brochure, and to Ed Aczel and Liam Mullone at Fringepig, as Ed has included my show in his run-down of a perfect day at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016. By the by, Fringepig has gone from being a brilliant blog to being a full-blown, hard-copy magazine this year, and it's well worth your attention. It exists as an alternative to the media-saturated, success-obsessed coverage the Fringe attracts, and its governing manifesto is that it will never tell anybody they are bad at making art. I've been reading it today and it's just wonderful to read a publication that celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of the Fringe, and doesn't seek to criticise or to fan the flames of the media circus. Pick it up if you're at the Fringe.

On a related note, I'm avoiding the comedy press during August because I find it's much better for my mental wellbeing if I do that. It stops me from feeling anxious about my show or the shows around me, and reminds me to use the Fringe for what it's supposed to be - a place to share creative ideas and enjoy the work of others, and nothing else. As such, I probably won't be sharing any press stuff or reviews etc here, unless they're brought to my attention. So I guess I'll post a rundown of everything that happens in September once I've had time to digest it properly in my own time back home. In the meantime, have a great Fringe if you're going up and are reading this. Lots of love,

Joz xxx