Thank You, Livestock!

I've been away this weekend at a festival, so there'll be a little spate of news posts here. On Friday I set off with Bob Slayer, Becky Walker, Tim Renkow, Lottie Bowater (Depressitval), Paula Valluerca (Madame Senorita) and Sam Nicoresti to Livestock Festival in Gloucestershire for a weekend of festival comedy fun prior to the Fringe, and had a lovely time. Livestock is partly marketed as a festival for people who've not been to festivals before, and as such it's all very sweet and gentle and lovely, which was great news for me what with my hatred of large crowds and intense situations. Instead, we had a great few days of providing daytime silliness, music and over-enthusiastic face-painting to the kids and families, and night-time comedy and music and ridiculousness to the grown-ups. We also managed to fit in a moment where I played "Chelsea Dagger" by the Fratellis on Chinese flute on the acoustic stage at the same time as the Fratellis were playing it on the main stage. Many thanks to Livestock for having us, and to Bob and Heroes for booking me in to do it, I had a lovely time. Hopefully I'll be back next year!