What I'll Be Doing This Fringe

One final pre-Fringe post before everything kicks off. Here's a complete rundown of every project I'll b a part of this Fringe if you'd like to see everything I've worked on in some capacity!

Joz Norris: Hello, Goodbye. This is the main one I'll be banging on about, obviously. It's my new (and best so far!) solo show, about love and death and lamps and modified gloves. It'll be at the Hive every except the 16th at 18:40.

Eric Lampaert: Alien Of Extraordinary Ability. I'm not in this one in any actual live capacity, but if you go along you'll get to see myself and Eleanor Morton as Mulder and Scully in a series of pre-filmed short sketches that bookend the show. It's also an excellent show in its own right, and Eric is brilliant, so do go. It's at the City Cafe every day at 17:30.

Adam Larter's Return On Investment. This will be my other main thing throughout the Fringe - it's the new daft play from Adam set in the high-pressure world of an 80s office, in which I play coke-addled aspiring business lad Billy Teeth. It's playing at the Hive every day from the 6th at 12:50.

Never Mind The Bus Stops. Every night, Bob Slayer's BlundaBus venue plays host to a bunch of late-night shenanigans, be they storytelling chat shows, absurd conceptual things, or whatever. I have a few vague plans to do some daft stuff at some of these, including a stupid chat show hosted by me and Matthew Highton as our pillhead Scottish Kasabian fan characters, Buggie and Dougie. Sam Nicoresti and I also devised a double act as Chesney Hawkes and Jaosn Donovan while we were at Livestock, so that might make an appearance here too. The show runs every night at midnight on Bob's BlundaBus, and I might make occasional, unplanned appearances - probably on Saturdays.

The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society. It's the return of cult favourite ACMS, in which John-Luke Roberts and Thom Tuck host a mixed bill of idiots trying out stupid ideas they'll never try again. I've been upgraded to Honorary Board Member status this year, so I'll be there most nights attempting something silly. Me and Adam will be doing our John-Luke Roberts and Thom Tuck tribute act at some point, and I'll probably reprise last year's month-long joke. ACMS runs at the Stand 4 at 22:05 from Sundays to Wednesdays.

Harry Potter And The Disappointing Aftermath (An Unofficial Sequel). After a couple of sold-out shows at the Leicester Square Theatre, Weirdos and Laugh Out London's unofficial stupid Potter sequel comes to Edinburgh for two shows only, featuring a sort of "best of" story revisiting some of the most loved scenes from our previous shows. As ever, I'll be playing everyone's favourite dickhead Draco Malfoy. The show is at Ghillie Dhu at 23:00 on the 9th and 16th.

Hell To Play. Alexander Bennett's bad taste gameshow set in Hell, in which comedians compete to save their souls, returns after a hit first year. Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer and Bernard Manning showed up in it this year, and I hear there's a new cast of wrong 'uns this time round. I'll be competing to save my soul at the Liquid Room Annexe at 22:20 on the 11th.

For Robin Williams: A Benefit Gig In Aid Of MIND And SAMH. This was one of the loveliest shows of last year - a huge, star-studded benefit for mental health charities in memory of Robin Williams, curated by wonderful people such as Dec Munro and Isabelle Adam. Weirdos played live Jumanji last year, which was perhaps a better idea in theory than in practice, but we're back again this year with another silly idea, and we hope to have lots of fun to help raise money and to do Robin proud. There's sure to be an amazing line-up of incredible comics as well. The show is at Assembly George Square Theatre at 23:45 on the 11th.

Comedians' Cinema Club. And finally, starting on the 15th, Comedians' Cinema Club returns to the Fringe, this year taking on beloved Oscar-winning movies, from classics like One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest to more recent films like The Revenant. I'll be performing in seven of these shows, on the 17th, 18th, 19th, 22nd, 24th, 26th and 28th. The shows will be in the Tron at 15:40.

Come along and say hey at one or all of the above! We're all going to have a lovely month.