Jalapeno High Episode 2

Those who enjoyed last week's first episode of the Weirdos radio sitcom Jalapeno High can rejoice, because here is Episode 2! The continuing adventures of Jessica Suitcase at her new spicy food-themed high school. Written by Adam Larter, directed by Matthew Highton and produced by Howard Cohen. Starring:

Narrator - Darren Maskell

Theme Tune Composed and Sung by - Laurence Owen

Jessica Suitcase - Harriet Kemsley

Diary - Gareth Morinan

Fred Suitcase - Mark Stephenson

Chanprise/Mrs Witchboson - Katia Kvinge

Jed Suzuki - John Kearns

Eloise - Eleanor Morton

Crocodile - William Lee

Stinky Winters - Michael Brunstrom

Clara - Holly Burn

Dillon - Pat Cahill

Jenson - Joz Norris

Vicar - Ali Brice