That Was The Fringe That Was (2016 Edition)

The curtain descends on my best Fringe yet. I'm very pleased and proud, and also very tired so I'll keep this fairly brief. But to sum up some of my proudest achievements this yeasr - I sold out over a third of the run, had the best show I've ever made, a bunch of people I've admired for years and who I consider personal heroes told me I'd gone above and beyond myself as a performer and went round saying my show was one of the best they'd seen, and I had many more people coming back from previous years than ever before. I've also had my first ever proper London transfer, as in somebody else asking me to transfer the show to a particular venue or festival rather than my just booking it in somewhere, and as a result of that I'll hopefully be taking the show to the Vaults Festival in London in February, though I'm still sorting out details. It'll also be going to the Liverpool Comedy Festival in September and the Oxford Playhouse in January, plus hopefully Leicester Comedy Festival in February and Glasgow Comedy Festival in March, plus hopefully more. It's the most certain I've ever been that my show has already secured a future for itself as the Fringe winds to an end, which is lovely. Huge thanks to Bob Slayer for again letting me be part of the best team of people at the Fringe, the Heroes team. Such an incredible bunch. I also got to start every day with a show that always made me laugh, in the company of fellow idiots Adam Larter, Marny Godden and Lucy Pearman. I got to be a tiny part of a huge, wonderful project that deservedly won Spirit of the Fringe - Bob's Iraq Out & Loud, which saw 1500 read out the entirety of the Chilcot Report 24/7. The complete reading took 284 hours and the film of the readings will hopefully become a permanent installation somewhere. So humbling and incredible to have been a part of it. I also got to have a lot of fun at ACMS and Cinema Club, to get over my fear of public singing as part of the Weirdos Harry Potter shows, I got to see two dear friends get married and above all else I had a lovely, lovely month with loads of my best friends, and made some great new friends too.

For those that care about these sorts of things, here's a quick run-down of nice things the press said about my projects this year. Firstly, on my own show, Hello, Goodbye:

"A skilful and thoughtful writer who fastidiously avoids boring or obvious choices and excels at being unselfconsciously daft...Adventurous and risk-taking." - TV Bomb

"A fine performer of considerable talents." - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

"Now THAT'S what I call absurdist, silly comedy...What joy that Joz Norris seems to be the real deal. Bags of energy and a madcap style reminiscent of a young Jim Carrey." - The Girl With The Edinburgh Tattoo

"By far and away one of our favourite shows of the Fringe, consistently silly and stupid throughout." - Laugh Out London

"Genuinely medicinal, and cheers the soul...Wonderfully daft and brilliant." - British Comedy Guide

And on Return On Investment:

"Out-there brilliant nonsense comes with the introduction of a certain clarinet player." - Short Com

"Anarchically preposterous." - Chortle

Some lovely little bits and pieces there! Sometime this week, once I've got more energy and more space to think, I'll post an update about what my next project will be and what I'll be working on in coming months. In the meantime, I'm going to take some time off and visit the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh and book tickets to see Van Morrison. Anybody who saw the show will understand why that's a big deal.

All the best!

Joz x