The return to real life from the Fringe is always a scary transition as you struggle to work out what's going to occupy you creatively in the weeks to come. I only got back today, so am some way off actually resolving that conundrum, but I'm lucky enough to have a couple of fun-looking gigs booked in over the next couple of days to give my comedy brain something to chew on immediately upon returning.

First up, tomorrow Comedians' Cinema Club will be doing a stupid version of Forrest Gump at Canalside Comedy, a project which sees live comedy performed at Merchant Square at lunchtime. The show's at 12:30 and I have no idea who's coming to see it - hopefully it won't just be businessmen on their lunch breaks, so if you fancy coming to watch some fun, silly daytime comedy then do come down! Details here.

And on Friday night it's Laugh Out London's Alternative Pick of the Fringe at Camden Comedy Club. I've been a fixture of the Alternative Pick of the Fringe for the last two years, but I usually MC it, which technically means I've never been one of the actual Picks of the Fringe, I've just been introducing them. This is the first year that those lovely Laugh Out London boys enjoyed my show enough to actually feature me as a Pick of the Fringe, and I am of course over the moon. You also get to see other Picks of the Fringe like Lucy Pearman, Katia Kvinge, Jon Pointing and Laurence Owen. Details here.

So that's the next couple of days sorted! Meaning it'll be at least Saturday before I have a horrible panic attack wondering what to do with my year.