Weirdos Comes To Oxford

Here's a fun little project for the month - a while ago, my brother, who has some responsibility for booking shows into a theatre in Oxford, asked if Weirdos wanted to go there and do whatever the hell we wanted. He said we could call it "Weirdos Do Whatever The Hell We Want" and it'd be a nice way of introducing the local audience to some stupid new independent comedy. I don't know if what we've ended up deciding to do is quite what he had in mind, but we'll be doing the following two shows at the Oxford Playhouse on the 27th and 28th September - come on down if you live in or near Oxford! Or, if you live in London, come to the preview of each show we've got scheduled in. The shows are:

Only Fools And Horses And Horses And Horses And Horses And Horses - One year on, this confusing performance art piece inspired by Only Fools And Horses returns, after a celebrated performance that everybody thought would be the only time we'd do it. It's back and it's just as stupid as before, and slightly more so as there are some new scenes. Starring Adam Larter as Del Boy, me as Rodney, Marny Godden as Trigger and Uncle Albert, Gareth Morinan as Boycie, Jon Brittain as Marlene and Peckham, Alwin Solanky as Denzil, Kat Bond as Mickey Pearce and Andy Barr as himself and a policeman. The show will be performed at Angel Comedy this Thursday, the 15th, and in Oxford on the 27th.

The Unofficial Supergrass Musical - This one's been specifically written for the local audience. It's slightly backfired as apparently Supergrass themselves might be coming to see it, which isn't quite how we planned it. I'm not sure who's in this one, we haven't rehearsed it yet. I play Rob the keyboard player, and a man called Dr. Saucepans. I think it's pretty faithful to the real Supergrass story, though, so we should be fine. You can see it at the Finsbury in Manor House on the 21st September, and in Oxford on the 28th.