Thank You, Oxford!

Weirdos went to the Oxford Playhouse's Burton-Taylor Studio this week with two stupid plays to introduce us to a local audience. The first was last year's Only Fools And Horses And Horses And Horses And Horses And Horses, a confusing performance art piece inspired by Only Fools And Horses. The second was The Unofficial Supergrass Musical (The Musical), a brand new piece written sepcifically for Oxford chroncilnig the rise and rise of Oxford's finest band. We were surprised and honoured to have Mick Quinn, Supergrass's very own bassist, in atendance and he was really lovely. So big love to the audiences, to my brother Barney Norris for booking us, to the staff at the Burton-Taylor for looking after us, and to Adam Larter for writing and making the shows. Here we are with Mick: