Comedians' Cinema Club Podcast: Up

After a lot of fun with Oscar-winning classics up at the Edinburgh Fringe, Comedian's Cinema Club is back in a new home - Angel Comedy's new purpose-built venue in Angel, and we're also back to regularly producing podcasts in which we chat rubbish about our favourite films. To make things a bit looser and more natural and fun, we're no longer recording live, which I think really makes the end product more fun, so here's the first one of the new season in which myself, Eleanor Morton, Matthew Highton and Paul Duncan McGarrity talk about the Pixar classic Up. You can listen to it on iTunes here and on Soundcloud here.

Incidentally, the first live Cinema Club show of the new season is tomorrow (or today, or five years ago depending on when you read this), on Monday 3rd November at Angel Comedy 2.0, and we'll be attempting to recreate 80s vampire classic The Lost Boys, which I had never heard of until 3 days ago and which I watched an hour ago. It is ridiculous. Come on down and say hey!