The Family Tree Podcast - Launch & Review

I've mentioned The Family Tree Podcast here previously, quite a while ago, and the series launched last week. For those who didn't read my previous posts about it, it's a semi-improvised, narrative mystery in which podcaster Dave Pickering, who runs the real-world conversational podcast Getting Better Acquainted, turns his skills to a fictional mystery involving the reappearance of a dead body thought disposed of years ago. Dave decides to interview the family surrounding the mystery to try and unravel the truth behind it via simple conversations with all concerned. Within the world of the episodes themselves, the mysteries and unravelling family stories are presented as totally true, so hopefully listeners can immerse themselves in the story and have fun trying to piece it together for themselves. I play Nathan, a fairly self-involved nerd who treats the whole mystery a little more frivolously than the rest of the family would like. So far, two episodes have been released and you can listen to them on the podcast's website here, where you can also keep track of the series as it develops.

The podcast has also had a lovely review from The AV Club, which you can read here, alongside reviews for other podcasts from the likes of Tina Fey and Louis CK - lovely company to be in!

The Family Tree Podcast was devised and produced by Dave Pickering and Jen Adamthwaite, and stars Leila Al-Jeboury, Zack Polanski, Natasha Magigi, myself, Lucy Ayrton, Vera Chok, Krishna Istha, Charles Adrian, Mark Stevenson and Tony Pickering.