Robert Johnson & The Devil Man

My next actual, tangible project has now officially gone into "pre-production," whatever that means. It's technically at more or less exactly the same stage it was at two days ago, but we've now said "This is in pre-production" so it feels like a thing now.

It's a new black comedy short film I'm working on with old pal and film-making collaborator Matthew Highton, with whom I made Double Act earlier this year. As with that, it's written by me (based on an idea by me and professional fish enthusiast Grace Gibson), and directed and script-edited by Matt. It's called Robert Johnson & The Devil Man and stars the amazing David Mills as the Devil. I'll be playing a modern-day Robert Johnson enthusiast who tries to follow in his hero's footsteps by selling his soul, but learns it comes with various drawbacks. We'll be filming it sometime in the next couple of months and I'm very excited about it. Watch this space for more information on it!