My Big Fat Weirdos Christmas Wedding

The big push has begun for the fifth annual Weirdos Panto, which is taking a step up into the big leagues this year by playing a three-night run in the main house of the Leicester Square Theatre rather than at a run-down working men's club or an abandoned restaurant. God knows how that'll go for us, but we're very excited. It's about a big wedding this year, as the title might suggest, but I don't know much more yet as rehearsals haven't properly begun. As ever, it's written by Adam Larter and directed by Matthew Highton and will feature a massive cast of absolute idiots, including Andy Barr, Charlie Miller, Michael Brunstrom, Sooz Kempner, Ben Target, Jack De'Ath, Eleanor Morton, Helen Duff and probably loads more who haven't filled out the Dodle poll yet so I feel I can't comment on exactly who they are. The usual bunch, basically. Rehearsals start in a couple of weeks and you can book your ticket here if you're a die-hard fan who likes to book this show in long in advance of it being in all the papers and stuff.