Some Fun Gigs Next Week

Hello everyone! Apologies for the radio silence here recently - I promise I am working on a lot of projects, and in November those projects will actually start to see some proper forward momentum as I start shooting on a few film ideas and rehearsing for the Weirdos Panto, but for now pretty much everything I'm doing involves holing myself up in my room and writing scripts and outlines and so on, so it's all heads down and hard work with little to actually update on at the moment - I'm very excited about the script I'm writing, though, which is the pilot for a sitcom called Please Be Normal which explores family, friendships, social anxiety, mental health and reliance on technology. It's being developed with a huge amount of amazing support and hard work from What Larks! Productions, and it's been a pleasure working with them. It'll be finished in the next 10 days and sent off to the powers that be, and then I can move onto smaller projects. Very excited about it!

However, as an interim during this period of time where I have little to really report on, I thought I'd do a quick plug for three fun gigs happening next week that you should put in your diaries if you fancy a laugh! They are:

Monday 24th October: ACMS - Pretty much everybody on this site should already know the deal with the Alternative Comedy Memorial Society. It's the very silly comedy collective overseen by John-Luke Roberts and Thom Tuck and it commences a London residency at the new Angel Comedy venue. I believe for this first one in its new home they're trying to get as many of the official ACMS Board to perform as possible (to which I have apparently been promoted, dispensing with my "Honorary" title, which is lovely), so the likes of Bridget Christie, Josie Long, Ben Target, Tom Bell, Steve Pretty and many more may be popping down! Details here.

Wednesday 26th October: Laugh Out London's Pokemon Night - Another first night in a new residency at the new Angel venue, because the lovely folks at Angel are busily acquiring all the best London alternative comedy nights to march under their banner, the clever bunch. Laugh Out London's monthly avant-garde themed nights are moving from their original home at Camden Comedy Club to Angel, and this month the theme is 90s mega-franchise Pokemon. Matthew Highton will be hosting as Ash, myself and Eleanor Morton will be co-starring as Team Rocket, and I believe Chris Coltrane is doing stand-up as Meowth. Thom Tuck and Tom Bell are involved too, and a whole bunch of other idiots. Details here.

Thursday 27th October: Trump V Clinton - This one does take place in Camden Comedy Club. A few years ago, Tristan Cass, a theatre technician based in Norwich, lost his battle with mental illness and passed away, and later this month Jon Brittain is organising a huge fundraiser at Norwich Playhouse in memory of him. You can read details here. As a sort of prelude to it, Jon and I are curating this very silly mini-fundraiser in which we'll be starring as Trump and Clinton and exchanging verbal spars while hosting an amazing line-up consisting of Matthew Crosby, Margaret Thatcher Queen of Soho, Lou Sanders, Eleanor Morton, Kat Bond and Helen Duff. As with the bigger Norwich fundraiser, all proceeds go to Mind, and you can read more details here.