The Family Tree Episode 5

I mentioned Dave Pickering and Jen Adamthwaite's improvised, magical-realist mystery podcast The Family Tree already here, where I summed up the premise of the series - do head back to that post to get more of a general appreciation of the idea. Today Episode 5 goes out, which sees the debut of my character, Nathan Sullivan. He's the insular, self-absorbed, slightly idiotic son of Mark Sullivan, whose disappearance prompts the mystery at the centre of the series. Each episode consists of a free-form conversation between Dave and that week's focal character, and they'll all be coming together in a big series finale in a few weeks when the mystery itself has been revealed. You can hear my episode here - I'd recommend listening to the series in order to unpick the mystery as linearly as possible, but if you like then feel free to listen to mine and then go backwards, as it's not until next week that the mystery really heats up! Have some fun exploring the website as well and getting to the bottom of the mystery, it's a really exciting project to be part of.