Norris v Slayer on Judge Rinder

In what must be a slow week for comedy news, all the major comedy news websites (Chortle, Beyond the Joke and British Comedy Guide) have today picked up the story that myself and my old pal Bob Slayer are going on ITV's popular kangaroo court reality TV programme Judge Rinder on Monday to settle a long-standing financial dispute. I think it'll be most fun to just watch the episode knowing as little as possible, so I won't explain much beyond that, but if you'd like to read how the story was written up by a couple of people, you can read Beyond the Joke's story here and Chortle's here.

The episode will be broadcast on Monday 31st October on ITV at 2pm and will be ridiculous. I imagine, and hope, that ITV have carefully edited it to make me and Bob look as utterly stupid as possible. Can't wait.