Catch Up On Judge Rinder

Well, mine and Bob Slayer's ridiculous episode of ITV's kangaroo court reality show Judge Rinder has gone out, and I'm told by a number of comedy fans that it's one of the finest pieces of TV ever broadcast. Audience reactions seem to be polarised between the regular Judge Rinder audience who took us at face value and hated everything I said and did ("Who is this spamfaced chump? He should quit entertainment, he is rubbish") and more cynical comedy fans who assume we went on as some sort of elaborate prank and were attempting to "deconstruct the very nature of deconstructed comedy." I don't really know which of them is right, I'm just glad justice has been done. And all I really know is that the footage of Judge Rinder stoically watching a Youtube video of me dancing around to Jean Michel Jarre in my living-room and doing a crap magic-trick is one of my favourite moments of telly ever. You can catch up on the episode here, but it'll only be up for another month or so. You can also read Chortle's review of the episode here. I love that they reviewed it.