Getting Better Acquainted

You've probably already read about Dave Pickering and Jen Adamthwaite's mystery magical-realist podcast The Family Tree here, in which I play Nathan. This week I'm the guest on Dave's other podcast, a precursor to The Family Tree, Getting Better Acquainted. In GBA, Dave has conversations with people to get to know more about what they do and how they think, and The Family Tree was an off-shoot that applied the same conversational style to a fictional mystery. You can listen to my episode of GBA here - I had a really interesting conversation with Dave in which we talked about making comedy, trying to articulate a feeling through nonsense, trying to write gentle comedy about awkward situations, and much more. I'll find it particularly interesting to listen back to in months to come, I think, as we happened to record it when I was in the midst of wondering what I am and what I do, which happens every autumn straight after Edinburgh, so trying to codify my work into some sort of process via conversation was a really helpful and fascinating process. I hope you enjoy listening to it!