A Load Of Croc Episode 1

Regular readers will know that when I guest-star in just one episode of a webseries, I usually only share the episode I'm in and then just recommend going back and watching the rest, because I'm selfish. This is a little different - I'm not in it until Episode 3, but I have such a fondness for everything Weirdos does, and the end result is so bonkers ridiculous, that I'm going to share all 3 instalments and I hope you enjoy them all as much as I do.

It's a 3-part webseries about Weirdos favourites Crocodile and Dorito Fish trying to navigate everyday problems and that's all that's worth explaining really. Just watch it. Episode 1 is about a dinner party. It was written by Adam Larter, directed by Matthew Highton and produced by Stuart Laws and Turtle Canyon Comedy. It stars William Lee as Crocodile, Michael Brunstrom as Dorito Fish, Ben Target as the Narrator, Beth Vyse as Wendy, Mark Stephenson as Shy Peter, Lucy Pearman as Ally Sheedy and Christian Brighty as the Aggressive Anti-Virus Software. Enjoy!