Robert Johnson & The Devil Man - That's A Wrap!

Yesterday we wrapped on mine and Matthew Highton's second short film, Robert Johnson & The Devil Man. A HUGE thank you, thank you, thank you to everybody who helped make it - to DOP Sam Nicoresti, Script Supervisor Alex Hardy, Boom Operator Alwin Solanky, to Stuart Laws for letting us make it for Turtle Canyon, and of course to David Mills for being as brilliant as we always imagined as the Devil. Biggest thanks of all to Matt for being at the helm. The shoot was really fun and I can't wait to see how it all comes together in the edit, and for you all to see it - watch this space in the New Year!

To provide a bit of background on the project for those that hadn't read about it here already - earlier this year Matt and I made our first short, Double Act, and enjoyed the process and decided to commit to the idea of semi-regularly making independent shorts as we have similar comedy aesthetics. Robert Johnson And The Devil Man is indebted partly to my long-standing fascination with the Robert Johnson myth, and partly to a silly idea about Faustian pacts that Grace Gibson and I had in the summer. Both it and Double Act are high-concept, character-driven black comedies about friendship and ambition. We're hoping to flex our muscles a bit more with this one and perhaps submit it to festivals and so on, so it won't be available to watch online any time soon, but we'll hopefully be staging a screening of both it and Double Act in the New Year, and it will probably be available online once it's finished being touted to festivals and film people and so on.

So keep an eye out for details of the screening! In the meantime, here's a picture of the last day of the shoot by Alwin to whet your appetites: