Thank You, Manchester/Get Ready, Glasgow!

I'm combining two news things here, because who has the time to read two things these days? So, firstly, a big thank you to Red Redmond's Dead Cat Comedy for hosting me and Eleanor Morton on Monday, and to the lovely audience for enjoying our shows so much. If you're interested, you can read a review of the double bill from the Manchester comedy blog Cup Of Beans here.

Secondly, I'll be taking my totally nebulous, nascent but potentially quite interesting new solo show Look At Me, Don't Look At Me to the Glasgow International Comedy Festival next year, so if you're in or around that part of the country, then why not book a ticket here? It'll be on Bob's BlundaBus as part of the Heroes of Fringe programme, alongside the likes of Eleanor, Bob Slayer and Abigoliah Schamaun. I had a lovely time being part of GICF last year and am looking forward to going back.