A Load Of Croc Episode 2

Again, I'm not in this yet - I'll be popping up next week - but this series is so stupid and wonderfully impenetrable that I enjoy sharing the whole thing. This week, Crocodile and Dorito Fish try to host a barbecue, but it doesn't all go according to plan!

Written by Adam Larter, directed by Matthew Highton, produced by Stuart Laws for Turtle Canyon Comedy. Starring William Lee as Crocodile, Michael Brunstrom as Dorito Fish, Ben Target as the Narrator, Cassie Atkinson as Smelly Susan From Next Door, Stuart Laws as Alan, Alwin Solanky as Mariah Carey, Harriet Kemsley as Meg Fish, Phil Jarvis as Malcolm Julian Swann, Katia Kvinge as the Beatnik, Christian Brighty as the Aggressive Anti-Virus Software, Andy Barr as Himself and Charlie Miller as Shit-Ears the House-Elf. Enjoy!