A Load Of Croc - Episode 3

Here it is - the exciting series finale of the Weirdos webseries A Load Of Croc, in which I pop up as a deranged Scottish performance artist. Enjoy!

Written by Adam Larter, directed by Matthew Highton, produced by Stuart Laws for Turle Canyon Comedy. Starring William Lee as Crocodile, Michael Brunstrom as Dorito Fish, Ben Target as the Narrator, Ali Brice as the Sexy Towncrier, Gareth Morinan as Him From The Council, myself as Dougie, Matthew Highton as Buggie, Cassie Atkinson as Smelly Sally From Next Door, Liberty Hodes as Ian Beale, Eleanor Morton as Lamb And Pearl, Alwin Solanky as Mariah Carey, Katia Kvinge as the Beatnik, Christian Brighty as the Aggressive Anti-Virus Software, Adam Larter as the Hairy Violinist, Andy Barr as Nosey, Charlie Miller as Shit-Ears, Mark Stephenson as Shy Peter and Beth Vyse as Wendy.