Fifth Annual Weirdos Panto Done And Dusted

Today sees the curtain come down on the fifth annual Weirdos Panto, which was the most ambitious and silly yet. Playing a much bigger space in the Leicester Square Theatre meant we sold many more tickets than in any previous year (I think we sold around 700, up from a previous record of around 500). Of course, the Leicester Square Theatre take a cut, so we won't know until it's all totte up how much money we raised this year for Great Ormond Street Hospital, but hopefully it'll be even more than in previous years. On top of all that good stuff, the show itself was as ridiculous, stupid, funny and joyous as it always is, so a huge thank you to all the Weirdos for making it so brilliant, especially those who took on special behind-the-scenes roles and didn't have as big an opportunity to bask in glory onstage - director Matthew Highton, assistant director Gareth Morinan, publicity maestro Jack De'Ath, stage manager Alex Hardy, tech whizz Luke Chaproniere, and script supervisor Eleanor Morton. Thanks also to the great pre-show band Laminate Everything, who I'm joining on clarinet in the New Year, and of course to writer Adam Larter for creating another joyous, silly world for us all to play in. Roll on next year!