Comedians' Cinema Club In 2017

Fans of Comedians' Cinema Club will be excited to know that as a collective we've been busy planning and preparing all our various manoeuvres during 2017. Head on over to the Cinema Club website for a full break-down of what films we're doing and when and where and pop any that sound fun into your diaries, but to deal with them in their entirety here:

For London-based fans, the new Cinema Club residency will be at Top Secret Comedy Club in Covent Garden and we'll be launching our run there with a season of cult 90s films, including Con Air, Clueless, Trainspotting and many more. We'll also be doing a one-off at Up The Creek Comedy Club in Greenwich in May which will continue the 90s theme with Pulp Fiction. Elsewhere, we'll be doing a show at Bedford's Quarry Theatre in March where we'll stage a recreation of Dirty Dancing, and we're in the stages of finalising a few other one-off shows for various other towns and festivals.

Excitingly, though, London is no longer the only place in the UK to be hosting a Cinema Club residency. Laura Lexx is now in charge of the Brighton wing of Comedians' Cinema Club, which will be running at Komedia monthly from the end of January. Some of the London regulars will be popping down to perform in some of the shows alongside Laura's team of Brighton-based regulars, so it'll be an exciting opportunity to spread the brand a bit further. And even furher afield, Cinema Club is now up and running in LA under Eric Lampaert's careful stewardship. It's unlikely any of us London lot will be in any of those shows any time soon (though there's a slim chance I might be going on holiday to LA this year, so if my trip does happen and does coincide with a CCC show, then who knows?) but if anybody reading this is based in California (Tom Philpott, basically) then why not pop along to one of those shows to see the concept in action?

And finally, speaking of worldwide reach, we're also pushing the Cinema Club's online stuff a lot more this year. The Soundcloud page here will be hosting all the various podcasts in various different strands that will be being released. Alongside our regular podcast in which some of the club members chat rubbish about specific films, we're now also making a regular movie trivia quiz podcast that's being hosted and spearheaded by Laura, and Eric and Matt Highton are sorting out another one-on-one interview podcast which is looking like it might have some really exciting high-profile guests from the film world. Subscribe to the podcasts on Soundcloud or iTunes or wherever you listen to them to keep updated with all the developments! We'll also hopefully be making some silly sketches for Youtube, so again, watch this space.

And that's about it! All in all, there's going to be lots of activity, both online and live, for Comedians' Cinema Club this year so if you're a fan of the podcast or the shows then do keep checking the website to be kept up to date with all the developments!