Reminder - Dr. Penny's Cabinet Of Curiosities, Swansea

A quick reminder about this amazing event happening this weekend in Swansea. For those not aware of it, a couple of years ago Penny Matthews was a regular and beloved member of Weirdos who was a key player in projects like the group's monthly Blueprint night and similar. She's now relocated to Swansea, where she's part of an amazing collective of lovely, supportive and very funny comedians and comedy fans. Last year, she staged a bit of an experiment by putting on Swansea's first day-long mini-festival of comedy, and a bunch of Weirdos regulars came out to present work-in-progress versions of their shows. It was a great success and every one of us performed to a big, lovely, supportive audience so I'm very excited to be coming back this weekend for the festival's second outing, this time spread over two days instead of one. I'll be performing the first work-in-progress full preview of my new show Look At Me, Don't Look At Me. I've really been enjoying writing the show and performing fragments of it, so am looking forward to seeing how those fragments come together into a whole for the first time. Even more excitingly, I'm part of an amazing line-up and am very keen to see the early versions of brand new shows from all these legends:

Saturday 21st January:

14:00 - Adam Larter: Lart Nouveau

15:15 - Mark Dean Quinn

16:30 - Lucy Pearman

17:00 - Northern Power Blouse

17:45 - Eleanor Morton: Angry Young Woman

19:00 - Ben Target's Tasty Comedy Show

20:15 - Joz Norris: Look At Me, Don't Look At Me

21:30 - Michael Brunstrom: Dried Parsley

Sunday 22nd January:

15:00 - Consignia

16:15 - Andy Barr: Tropic Of Admin

17:30 - Marny Godden Is One Tooth

18:45 - The Death Hilarious

20:00 - Ali Brice's Sentimental Breakdown

21:15 - Noel James

I'm very excited to see it all. You should be too, so if you live in or near Swansea, then do come along. It's at Mozart's. See you there! Here's a lovely poster: