Goodbye Hello, Goodbye. Hello, New Thing.

Last night I gave the final (I'm 90% certain...) performance of my best show yet, Hello, Goodbye. I've always previously got a weird sort of masochistic enjoyment out of the fact that all my shows are ephemeral things that I put a huge amount of effort into for a full year, performed live to people for a while, and that then dissolved into the ether, never to be seen again, with very little evidence that they ever happened. But then, almost by accident, I happened to create a show this year that had tons more craft, heart, intelligence and fun in it than any other show I'm made yet, and suddenly the idea of never being able to watch it back made me sad. So I put on one final big show at the lovely Angel Comedy's Bill Murray venue, and to my surprise, was treated to a lovely, supportive, enthusiastic, full house to send it on its way. I've now got the whole thing filmed (from two different angles, no less! Check me out!) and, depending on how good my editing skills are, I might try to edit the whole thing together into a full live video to go out online so the general public can go back and watch that show, which I'm very proud of, whenever they like. Or, if that's too big a job, then I might perhaps just put little extracts of it out here and there and keep the full video for my own personal use for when I'm feeling nostalgic in a decade's time and want to self-indulgently revisit a past success. Anyway, it was lovely to send it off with such a lovely, fun, gratifying performance, and I'm excited to have finally done a show that now exists somewhere as a physical object on a hard drive. The dream!

However, as one show dies, another gets born - I did the first preview of the new show, which is currently called Look At Me, Don't Look At Me, in Swansea at the weekend and was very pleased with it. I think there's a lot of really fun stuff in there that I'll enjoy growing. It's about cages, The Elephant Man, ouroboroses, turtles, ZZ Top, Sting, anxiety, mums, dads and being looked at and it might possibly end up having its name changed to The Incredible Joz Norris Locks Himself Inside His Own Show, Then Escapes Against All The Odds. I'm not sure yet. That's certainly a more fun title. Anyway, you can next see it at the Leicester Comedy Festival on Saturday 25th February at 20:15 for FREE! My last couple of years at Leicester have sold out, so feel free to reserve a ticket free of charge online in advance here, and hopefully see you there. Here's a fun sort of poster or something: