The Power Of Music: An "Archive Sketch"

I recently uncovered a treasure trove of very old videos on my computer of sketches I made 2-4 years ago but decided weren't good enough to upload. They mostly made for fairly amusing but fundamentally quite embarrassing viewing, and with most of them I went "Yep, I see why that didn't make the cut." This is the only one that I watched and thought "Actually, that's fine." It's not very well-made or revelatorily brilliant, but it's a short bit of fun. So, for anybody interested in the sorts of thing I was trying out but not wholly committing to back in 2014, here's a sketch from the archive about film editing and mood manipulation through use of music!

(PS The reason for all this archive-sifting is that I'm currently editing the full video of Hello, Goodbye, which I'm hoping to upload snippets of soon and then a full live video later in the spring. So for those who missed the show, you'll be able to see it online for free! While I'm working on that, I hope that silly old bits of nonsense like this might be vaguely fun for people to watch. Something genuinely good will be coming soon, I promise!)