The Comedy Project at Soho Theatre

Some of you reading this may well already be aware of The Comedy Project, an annual season of new comedy writing premiered at Soho Theatre. I've been involved with it in two previous years, in 2014 and 2016 (in 2014 I played George Henry in Peter Etherington's Cast and Wilkie in Mark Stephenson's Funk and last year I played Tinny the robot in Matthew Highton's The Stag & Vortex and Ollie in Chris McGuire's Conkers, and also presented a reading of my own sitcom pilot Deathbed, in which I played Richard). This year I'll be back there again, albeit slightly less extensively involved than last year, but it's always a pleasure to perform as part of the shows there and they're a great showcase for exciting new comedy writers. On Monday 6th March I'll be MCing the show, and will also be reading stage directions for the amazing Eleanor Morton's sitcom pilot Family Outings (she said I couldn't play an actual part in it as she didn't write a character called Joz Norris, and those are the only characters I can play, which is fair enough, to be honest), then on Monday 13th March I'll be playing Cherub in Ros Adler's radio sitcom Judgment Day. Both scripts are great fun and I'm excited to be working on them. You can find out more about The Comedy Project, the scripts involved this year, and book tickets at this link here. Hopefully see you there!