Edinburgh Previews & The "Best" Of Joz Norris

February 20, 2017

A couple of bits of mini-news that don't really qualify as news in their own right, combined into one news post to make them more noteworthy. Firstly, just a quick rundown of the places where my new shows The Incredible Joz Norris Locks Himself Inside His Own Show, Then Escapes, Against All The Odds! will be previewing in the coming months. I'll set up proper event pages for all of these nearer the time, but for now this is just some dates for your diaries if anybody would be keen to come and see work-in-progress versions:


Saturday 25th Feb, 20:15 - The Criterion, Leicester, for Leicester Comedy Festival

Saturday 11th March, 19:30 - Bob's BlundaBus, Candlerigg's, Glasgow, for Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Sunday 12th March, 19:30 - Bob's BlundaBus, Candlerigg's, Glasgow, for Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Monday 27th March, 18:45 - The Bill Murray, Islington, for ACMS's preview season

Thursday 6th April, 18:30 - The Brew House, Bath, for Bath Comedy Festival

Wednesday 17th May, 20:00 - The Dogstar, Brixton, Double Bill with Thom Tuck

Tuesday 30th May, 20:00 - The Rose & Crown, Kentish Town, Double Bill with Ed Aczel

Wednesday 14th June, 20:00 - The Rose & Crown, Kentish Town, Double Bill with John Kearns

Tuesday 11th July, 20:00 - The Rose & Crown, Kentish Town, Double Bill with Eleanor Morton.


There might possibly be one more, but then that'll be it. Don't want to preview it too much this year. As a side note, this year ACMS are running a little preview season. At 18:45 before each monthly ACMS at the Bill Murray from March onwards, a Board Member will be presenting a work-in-progress show before the start of the official ACMS show at 20:00. Myself, Will Andrews, Tom Bell, Ben Target and John-Luke Roberts will all be presenting some new ideas in these slots. Details in the image below.

 Finally, on a completely separate note, it so happens that in recent weeks some of the regular mums and nannies at the children's soft-play centre where I work sometimes have worked out who I really am and have been having a lot of fun watching my stuff on Youtube. They all seem quite daunted by quite how much stupid nonsense I've put out on Youtube over the years, and told me they weren't sure if they were starting in the right place. As such, I've taken the narcissistic liberty of putting together a "Best" Of playlist on Youtube which gathers together all the best things I've written, be they live routines, short films, sketches, webseries, etc, all in one place, including ones released on other channels. Hopefully this will be a nice playlist for fans of my work to be able to see all the good stuff in one place without trawling through lots of vlogs and sketches which, while funny and hardly worth taking down, aren't necessarily the best and most representative examples of my work and are probably of interest to completists only. So if you've always been too daunted to trawl through my unnecessarily large Youtube back catalogue, have a browse through here for all the stuff I like the best.


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