Leicester Comedy Festival: The Weirdos Weekend

There's less than 24 hours until the most exciting two-and-a-bit days of the wonderful Leicester Comedy Festival kick off! There's been a whole bunch of amazing comics performing in Leicester over the last few weeks, but tomorrow the Heroes of Fringe-curated Weirdos Weekend, in which all us silly folks from Weirdos Comedy Club come up to show off our brand new shows. It's always one of the most fun weekends of my comedy year, and I'm looking forward to seeing lots of exciting new ideas from all these amazing creative brains. If you're going to be in Leicester this weekend, then head down to the Criterion and try to see as many of these shows as you can. I'll be performing mine and Bob Slayer's stupid Judge Rinder-themed nonsense show on Friday night while also performing in Comedians' Cinema Club's interpretation of Armageddon and on Saturday I'll be presenting the second ever performance of my brand new show Look At Me, Don't Look At Me, which I'm very excited about. Most of the shows will be in the lovely Criterion, but some will be on Bob's BlundaBus parked up outside. Here's the full lineup:

Friday 24th:

17:50, Criterion - Shazia Mirza: New Show

19:00, Criterion - Will Seaward: Magnificent Bastard

19:15, BlundaBus - Bob Slayer & Joz Norris in Judge Rinder: The Appeal

20:15, Criterion - Devvo: Retired But Not Gone Forever?

21:30, Criterion - Comedians' Cinema Club: Armageddon

22:45, Criterion - Andy Barr: Tropic Of Admin

22:45, BlundaBus - Bob Slayer: Never Mind The Bus Stops

Saturday 25th:

13:00, Criterion - Chatty Chatty Bang Bang

14:20, Criterion - Lucy Pearman: Work-in-Progress And Cabbage

15:30, Criterion - Michael Brunstrom: Parsley

16:40, Criterion - Candy Gigi: A Star Is Born

17:00, BlundaBus - Iraq Out & Loud Documentary

17:50, Criterion - Marny Godden Is One Tooth

19:00, Criterion - John Hastings & Ben Target: Tussle

19:15, BlundaBus - Bob Slayer & Adam Larter: ConCon Podcast

20:15, Criterion - Joz Norris: Look At Me, Don't Look At Me

20:30, BlundaBus - Becky Walker's Mandatory Rest Break

21:30, Criterion - Adam Larter: Lart Nouveau

22:45, BlundaBus - Bob Slayer: Never Mind The Bus Stops

22:45, Criterion - Consignia: The Abridged Dapper Eleven Hour Monochrome Dream Show

Sunday 26th:

14:20, Criterion - Gabby Best: Sleep (A Work-in-Progress)

15:30, Criterion - Kat Bond: Loo Roll

16:40, Criterion - James Bone's Townies

17:50, Criterion - Peter Fleming & Light Entertainment Larry: Haunted Videotape

19:00, Criterion - Rousha Browning: House Party

19:15, BlundaBus - Jason Neale & Bob Slayer: Official Closing Ceremony

20:15, Criterion - Sam & Tom: Unrectifiable

21:30, BlundaBus - Bob Slayer: Never Mind The Bus Stops

See you at some or all of them, I hope! xx