Thank You, Leicester!

I think one of the big reasons Leicester is always one of my favourite bits of the year, comedy-wise, is because in London it's very rare I just get to enjoy a bunch of comedy shows as an audience member because I'm always gigging so usually if I have a night off the last thing I want to do is to go and watch comedy. Then in Leicester, quite apart from doing lovely shows myself, I get to just relax and enjoy other people's new ideas for a few days.

This weekend I saw amazing shows, or snippets of shows, from Bob Slayer, Lucy Pearman, Michael Brunström, Marny Godden, Ben Target, John Hastings, Adam Larter, Gabby Best, Kat Bond, Tom Burgess and Zoë Tomalin and also saw the first edit of the Iraq Out & Loud Documentary by Lottie Bowater. Had such a lovely time, it's a pleasure to spend a few days remembering that my own ideas that I usually spend so long worrying over are a small part of a whole world of exciting new ideas being assembled by a group of amazing people. Thank you all for a lovely weekend.

As for my own show, the newly retitled show The Incredible Joz Norris Locks Himself Inside His Own Show, Then Escapes, Against All The Odds!! is looking good, and was enormously fun to perform. The show was, I think, the best early preview I've ever done and, while some of the ideas in the show are still in their infancy and it's got a way to go if it's to beat last year's show in my own personal rankings, I had a blast and received lovely feedback from loads of people so am excited that I might end up being able to raise the bar for myself again. Looking forward to you all seeing it once it's ready.