Baby - That's A Wrap!

One short film is given its first public screening, and the very next day it's straight on with the next project. On Saturday, having premiered mine and Matthew Highton's short Robert Johnson & The Devil Man the day before, I had a lovely day shooting a brand new short comedy horror art hybrid film with co-writer/collaborator Lucy Pearman, tentatively titled Baby. Its title might change to Feed The Baby, or Mother's Baby, or Mother & Baby, or Feed, or Feed It, or Feed Me, or none of the above. It's sort of up in the air at the moment. It was an enormous amount of fun to prepare and shoot. Essentially, during last year's Edinburgh Fringe, Lucy and myself developed a game called "Feed The Baby" we would play backstage while waiting for our scenes in Adam Larter's Return On Investment. The game would mostly involve me demanding mango chunks while pretending to be a baby and developed over several weeks into a routine that eventually seemed to lend itself to some sort of filmed treatment. We had a bunch of ideas for surreal, troubling, daft, unusual images and developed a storyline and a progression of ideas themed around a mother and her troublesome baby, but needed a bit of help turning those ideas into a reality, and that's where the film's amazing directors Sam Nicoresti and Lottie Bowater came in. I think it's the most collaborative film shoot I've ever worked on, both in brainstorming and developing ideas and images with Lucy, and then working with Sam and Lottie and Lucy in coming up with exciting, strange, uncanny ways of realising those ideas onscreen. Everybody involved did such an amazing job, and based on the bits of footage I've seen today, it's going to be a very unusual, exciting, original, beautifully composed, frightening, funny, stupid thing once it's all put together. I'm very excited to see it. It also co-stars Will Seaward and Eleanor Morton, and will hopefully be out later in the spring. Here's a picture of us making it.