Comedians' Cinema Club Podcast: Super Mario Bros.

Here's the latest episode of the Comedians' Cinema Club Podcast, in which myself and fellow CCC regulars Matthew Highton and Paul Duncan McGarrity sit down to discuss the ridiculous early 90s movie adaptation of Super Mario Bros. starring Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper, now revered as one of the greatest bad movies ever made. Give it a listen if you'd like to hear us try to make sense of it. Full disclosure - if you're listening to it specifically with the hopes of hearing me firing on all cylinders and being brilliant, then apologies. We recorded it at 10pm having just finished watching the film at the end of quite a long tiring day and I was a bit more worn-out and reticent than I usually am on these podcasts, but it doesn't affect the fun of the thing as Matt and Paul were excellent as usual, and we still discuss a whole bunch of funny and interesting stuff. If you're a fan of the game or the film then do give it a listen!