Robert Johnson Premiere - Thank You

On Friday night I co-hosted, with director/collaborator Matthew Highton, my first ever live screening of my own film work, showing our debut film collaboration from 2016, Double Act, and the very first public showing of our new film, Robert Johnson & The Devil Man. Thank you so much to the Hackney Picturehouse for hosting us, and to the amazing audience for being so lovely, and of course to the amazing actors who came and performed live to make it a whole evening of great comedy entertainment.

It was lovely to share two of my short films with a live audience and see them play to real responses in the room. I'd forgotten how funny and heartfelt Double Act is, and it was such a pleasure to see the amazing Ed Aczel, Michael Brunström and Gabby Best do such amazing work in it again, and to show Robert Johnson & The Devil Man to a public audience for the first time ever and get such lovely feeback was amazing. Huge thanks also to David Mills for giving such a wonderful performance, and thanks on both, of course, to Stuart Laws for producing the films and letting us make them for Turtle Canyon.

What happens next for both of them is a new exciting adventure. We're planning on submitting Robert Johnson... to a few film festivals around the world, which means it won't be appearing publcially online for a while, most likely until next year. Hopefully by then it might have a few critical notices to its name, so watch this space. And if you missed it, then perhaps we'll also host the odd further screening, so keep an eye out in the meantime. Thanks to all who came on Friday for making the film's first public unveiling such a fun night. xx