Get Well Soon, Luke

My friend Luke (best known to Weirdos fans as Luke Chauffeur-Phone, or Luke-on-Sound) isn't very well at the moment. He's going to get better but he can't work for a while and that's bad timing as he has a baby on the way. We're trying to raise some money to help him out. He's been the technician for loads of shows I've been closely involved with over the last five years and is just generally a great guy. If you know him then you'll want to fund anyway. If you don't know him but have enjoyed Weirdos shows or my own shows over the years then chances are you've enjoyed lots of his work too and should maybe think about donating. And even if you don't know him OR his work but are feeling kind, it would still be a lovely thing if you helped him a bit by donating. Please give this fundraiser, organised by Bob, a read and show some support if you feel moved to, it would be lovely if we could help him a bit. Get well soon Luke!