Thank You, Glasgow!

Just a very quick one, this - a big thank you to Sarah and Jay at Glasgow Comedy Festival for having me perform as part of GICF this weekend, and thanks also to Bob for putting me on the BlundaBus. Thanks to the lovely audience for making it a really fun show (I'm enjoying the new show a lot, it keeps revealing extra things about itself which I'm finding exciting and silly and fun), and thanks to Eleanor for also making it a very nice weekend away, in which I got to explore all the lovely things Glasgow has to offer, including the botanical gardens. Below is a picture of me in said botanical gardens, pretending to be some cool dude in the desert. The next preview of the new show is its first London outing, and is just before ACMS at the Bill Murray on the 27th. ACMS ticket-holders will receive a special reward if they come to the early show. It's £5 in advance to guarantee a seat or Pay What You Want on the door. More info and tickets here. Hopefully see some of you there!