Weirdos: Live From Stonehenge

I've written here already about David and Carole Chapple's 70707 Challenge, which sees the two of them taking on a ridiculous number of silly fundraising stunts themed around the number 70 in honour of the Edinburgh Fringe's 70th year (including watching mine and Bob Slayer's episode of Judge Rinder 70 times, and daft things like that), all to raise money for Mind. You can read more about it here.

As a sort of tie-in to help raise some further funds for their ambitious project, Weirdos are reuniting for the first time since our fifth annual panto at Christmas to put on a ridiculous, one-off gig entitled Weirdos: Live At Stonehenge. You can click on the red letters there to find out more. I've got very little idea what will happen in it, other than that it's a sort of performance-art happening-type thing set entirely at Stonehenge. In many ways it's harking back to the collaborative performance ideas of the old Weirdos Blueprint gigs of a few years ago, which I still think are the best things we ever did, in that it's looking to involve lots of collaborative pratting about and sharing of ideas rather than emulating a traditional comedy night, or even taking a more structured scripted form like the annual pantos. Whatever it ends up being, it'll be for a great cause and it'll be excellent as it involves myself, Adam Larter, Pat Cahill, Andy Barr, Alwin Solanky, Michael Brunstrom, Lucy Pearman, Charlie Miller, Cassie Atkinson, Ben Target, Joe Davies, Matthew Highton, Sooz Kempner, John Kearns, Helen Duff, Sam & Tom & Sian & Zoe, Ali Brice, Eleanor Morton, Harriet Kemsley, Joey Page and Rousha Browning. It's also in TimeOut's Top 10 Gigs to See in April, so it looks like it'll be a pretty busy fun one. Book tickets in advance at the link above to guarantee a seat!