The Family Tree Podcast: Season 2

Hopefully lots of you will already be aware ofThe Family Tree Podcast, which I've posted here a few times in the past, and might have listened to Season One last year. For those who don't know about it, here's a quick recap - it's an improvised, human-interest magical realist drama podcast devised and created by Dave Pickering and Jen Adamthwaite. Dave hosts the Getting Better Acquainted Podcast, in which he has conversations with people to get to know them better (you can listen to my episode of GBA here). Last year, the conversational human-interest angle of GBA was taken in a new direction by being applied to fictional drama in The Family Tree, which sees Dave discovering a mystery centred on the Sullivan family which he tries to solve by having conversations with the people surrounding the mystery. The body of Mark Sullivan is found years after he disappeared, but it seems to have grown back the arm he lost in a car crash years before, and it also seems to have died eight years before he left. I won't spoil any more of how the mystery unfolds, as if you missed Season One, I recommend you go back over it from the beginning to discover all its secrets. You can find all the episodes on the Family Tree website here. I play Mark's son Nathan, a lonely fantasist and folklorist who feels ostracised from his family because he seems to be the only one who's excited about this mystery from a narrative perspective rather than engaging with it on a personal, emotional level.

Those who did listen to Season One will know that, while some closure was given to the central mystery, its resolution ultimately just opened up a huge number of further questions, and in the second half of 2017 and into early 2018, Season 2 will be being released, and it's currently in production. Today I recorded the first batch of my episodes for Season 2, which take the form of a fairly exciting "spin-off" type premise which is just one of a number of exciting new elements in Season 2 to keep the format and the story fresh and innovative. A lot of what happens to my character in these episodes follows on from the revelations in Season 1, so I won't spoil them here, but I will give away that they see me teaming up with a brand new character, Nigel Masters, played by one of my favourite people in the world, the amazing Michael Brunstrom. Together, Nigel and Nathan embark on a series of "Thought Adventures" to find new answers behind the series' many mysteries. And I'll say no more than that, other than that I had a great time recording the episodes today, I'm really looking forward to recording my other Season 2 bits, and keep an eye out for Season 2 when it comes out in August. And go back and listen to Season 1 if you missed it.