Just A Cute Vlog About Captions

Yesterday I made a silly little video for Facebook, which I wasn't going to post here as it's very format-specific (it only works as a Facebook video, it can't be a Youtube link or anything like that) and I made it in about 10 minutes so didn't think too much about it. However, it's actually had a really lovely response over there so I thought I'd better post it here too so there's a record of it. You can see the video by following this link. I have no idea if the joke will work if you follow the link from here - the whole thing is supposed to be a comment on the disposable nature of Facebook content, on the way people scroll past videos and just read the captions without turning the sound on and therefore prevent themselves from engaging with creative ideas in a meaningful way. If the link above takes you to the video and the sound plays automatically then the joke perhaps won't work as well, but you'll perhaps see what I was going for and it certainly seems to have gone down well on Facebook itself. Anyway, enjoy, and remember to actually properly engage with other people's creative work and not treat it as something to consume and throw away!