Update On Feed The Baby

I wrote here back in March about a project I'd just finished shooting tentatively titled Feed The Baby, or perhaps just The Baby or maybe even just Baby. To be completely honest, we didn't really know what it was we were making when we were making it. Ostensibly, it was a sort of art-horror-comedy-short about post-natal depression written by me and Lucy Pearman based on a stupid game we invented at the Fringe last year. We weren't sure what form we wanted it to take, but we had a mood-board of loads of influences we wanted to take in (including Nosferatu and an ASMR video of a man eating crisps) and then we handed all our ideas over to director Sam Nicoresti and lighting/sound supervisor Lottie Bowater. None of us knew how we were going to make it or how it was going to turn out. The film also features Will Seaward and Eleanor Morton as special guests.

So, with all that confusion around the project, it's time for an update on it. Sam's been busy editing it and yesterday we saw a rough cut and, simply put, I think it's incredible. The work Sam and Lottie did on the day in achieving unusual stuff with lights and shadows, combined with the effects Sam's been playing with in the edit, have combined to create something that looks genuinely strange and ancient and enticing and horrifying and hilarious and beautiful, and I'm so excited about it. It was such a different way of working to my usual filmmaking process, which involves me handing a pretty tight screenplay over to a director and leaving it at that. This time, what Lucy and I wrote was very amorphous and strange and driven more by moods and atmospheres we wanted to create than by scripted jokes, and the combination of our four imaginations looks like it's resulted in something I think is very special.

The take-home message of all this is that it'll be a while longer before Feed The Baby is ready to be seen - when we were making it we thought it might be a short, silly Youtube sketch to make quickly (we filmed the whole thing in a day with very little advance planning) and just put out on the internet, but it's now clear we've actually made quite a fascinating little short film, so we're happy to invest a bit more time in the edit to make it as good as possible. Lottie's going to be working on a soundtrack for it, Sam's working on the edit and Lucy and I will continue contributing our ideas during the edit too to help steer it to completion. So apologies that there'll be a longer wait for the finished film, but all the evidence suggests that it'll be more than worth it. I don't want to share anything that spoils what's in the film, but I'd also really love to share just a tiny screenshot to show how exciting and beautiful the film's looking at the moment and to give people something to tide them over. So feast your eyes on this lovely shot: