Stonehenge - Thank You!

Just a quick thank you to everybody who came to yesterday's Weirdos show Weirdos Live At Stonehenge at the Bill Murray, which was both the first Weirdos show since Christmas and a fundraiser for Mind acting as part of Dave and Carole Chapple's 70707 Challenge for the Edinburgh Fringe's 70th anniversary. If anything, it managed to be the most freeform, unpredictable Weirdos show to date, with no script at all, just a list of scenes we all had to come up with ideas for (I was told I had to be the CEO of English Heritage and that was it, so ended up concocting a skit about a Texas oil baron trying to tie up the audience while his pet chicken tries to stop him. It went pretty well) and took in drug dealers, druids, Dick Fosbury, Bono, the Rennie awards and all sorts of other nonsense. The show raised a load of money for Mind, and if you check out Dave and Carole's blog through the link above you can find out more about the other ridiculous challenges they've set themselves this year. Thank you all for coming, and keep an eye out for more nonsense from Weirdos in the future! Well done, of course, to Adam Larter for masterminding the whole thing and putting it all together.