World's Worst Ghost Walk

At the start of April Eleanor and I went on a ghost walk in Whitby. Eleanor's been on loads of ghost walks because she loves history and ghosts and murders, but the whole format was new to me and I found it fascinating. The tour was genuinely really good, but after it'd finished I had loads of ideas swirling round my head on the theme of a sad, lonely ghost walk tour guide who has neither the confidence nor the charisma to be any good at his strange job, so I hastily put a shoot together with hopes of making it into a snappy little Youtube sketch. As it happens, my brain is no good at putting together snappy little sketches, and in both the writing and the filming and the editing it morphed into another of my long, rambling, character-driven short films, but I really like it. I think it walks a nice line between sad and funny, and ended up, I feel, being quite a nice exploration of the slow death of traditional storytelling in the 21st century. I hope you enjoy it! Huge thanks to everybody who helped to make it, who I'll credit below.

Written and produced by Joz Norris, with additional material by the cast.

Directed and edited by Aniruddh Ojha.

Tour Guide - Joz Norris

First Arrivals - Eleanor Morton & Alwin Solanky

Tour Group - Elise Bramich; Ali Brice; Helen Duff; Sarah Edwards; Haiminh Le; William Lee; Nig Lovell; Tom Meek; Charlie Miller & Siiri Raja-Aho

Passers-By - Michael Brunstrom & Hannah Cameron

City Wankers - Andy Barr & Adam Larter