Comedians' Cinema Club In May

The jolly silliness of Comedians' Cinema Club has been rolling merrily along this year (we did a very fun recreation of Con Air at Top Secret Comedy Club last night), but May sees a few very special outings of the show which I thought I'd draw attention to here for fans of the show.

This Saturday we'll be doing a version of Hot Fuzz to celebrate the film's 10th anniversary at the BFI Southbank, as part of LOCO (London Comedy Film Festival), which is obviously hugely exciting. You can book tickets here and you can read a Q&A with Cinema Club's London ring-leader Matthew Highton in the British Comedy Guide here promoting the gig.

Then, on May 23rd, we'll be doing a pop-up one-off show at Up The Creek in Greenwich, in which we'll fumble our way through Pulp Fiction as part of our ongoing mission to do all the best films of the 90s this year, which we've been doing at our Top Secret residency. You can book tickets for this one here.

Then, a very exciting one, we'll be doing The Empire Strikes Back at the Underbelly on the South Bank as part of the Underbelly Festival. We're hoping to get some big guests for this one, so the specific line-up isn't 100% confirmed yet, but it'll be a good one. You can book tickets here.

And finally, Laura Lexx has been doing great work in establishing and building Cinema Club's residency at Komedia in Brighton, and the next one there is on May 31st, where we'll be doing Beauty And The Beast as part of the Brighton Fringe. Laura's also developed a really great panel-show format which structures the first half of the Brighton shows, which is great and may well end up being a part of all our shows. You can book tickets for this one here.

So it's a very busy month for Cinema Club! Hopefully see some of you at some of these special gigs if any take your fancy. After that, it's back to the regular residencies at Top Secret and Komedia, so for tickets to shows in June or July you can head over to the Cinema Club website here.