EdFringe Tickets Now On Sale

And here's the big one. Tickets are now on sale for my new solo show, The Incredible Joz Norris Locks Himself Inside His Own Show, Then Escapes, Against All The Odds!! and you can book them here. It's already better than last year's, I think. The big images are even more overwrought and daft, the stories are even sillier, the musical skits are more otherworldly, and the puppetry is even more unnerving. It's about being afraid of people and hiding in plain sight by choosing to live your life onstage. I'm already really, really proud of it. It's really stupid. Book your tickets today.

PS Booking is advised - last year's wasn't a smash hit, but the middle week in particular pretty much sold out, so you may as well book in advance to guarantee a seat.

You can also now book tickets for the other shows I'm involved with this year:

Adam Larter's L'Art Nouveau - In which I'll be playing a few silly bit-parts.

What's In The Happy Shed - For which I'll be guest curating a few days and scheduling in a bunch of ridiculous pop-ups, one-offs and surprise happenings.

The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society - Where I'll be popping in as often as I can make it.