Laminate Everything at Isle of Wight Festival

At Christmas I was very excited to be invited to join my first band since the sad breakup of the Dickheads in 2015, the day the music died. I'm now the official clarinettist of Laminate Everything, even though I've never rehearsed or played with them and still haven't met some of them.

Still, very exciting news - Laminate Everything are playing their biggest gig yet this summer supporting Wheatus at the Isle of Wight Festival. As testament to my ongoing role as the band's most mysterious member, I actually can't be there in person but may well end up being present via Skype, and will definitely be present via a pre-recorded ambient clarinet track to underscore every single song, which I'll be recording in the coming weeks.

If you're going to the festival, do go and watch Laminate Everything, they're fantastic, and keep an ear out for my ghostly contributions. You can find out more about this year's Isle of Wight Festival here. Here's the lineup for the section where Laminate Everything will be performing: