Laugh Out London's Preview Season

I did a post recently giving a rundown of all my upcoming previews, but one of the ones I'm most excited about is my double bill with the amazing Tony Law at 2 Northdown in Kings Cross, organised by the amazing team at Laugh Out London. Because they've been kind enough to include me as part of their preview season, I thought I'd extend my thanks by doing a little plug here for the entire season as a whole, which you can read about here. They're running a whole load of amazing double bills at 2 Northdown (the former Invisible Dot venue, and a really lovely place to preview) including acts like Milton Jones, Jon Pointing, Bridget Christie, Andy Barr, Tony Law, myself and Sara Pascoe. They're running other great previews and shows at other venues do, so do explore their site to find all the great stuff they're putting together, but I'm particularly excited about this 2 Northdown preview season, so do head over and give it a look. Thanks very much to them for having me! You can book tickets for my preview here.