Comedians' Cinema Club Podcast: Con Air

As regular visitors to this site know by now, every now and again I'm one of the regular contributors to the very interesting and fun Comedians' Cinema Club Podcast, the audio companion to our silly live movie-improv show. There are a few different strands to the Cinema Club Podcast, which include Eric Lampaert's and Matthew Highton's "One On One" series, where they talk to filmmaking legends about some of their favourites; Laura Lexx's "CineMastermind" series, where she hosts an excellent movie quiz with comedians; and the one I'm sometimes involved with is just the basic regular podcast, in which Cinema Club comics chat about a particular film and have some fun dissecting it. This time, me, Matthew Highton and Eleanor Morton have discussed the ridiculous 90s action classic Con Air, which features Nicolas Cage with a mullet playing everything deadpan and apparently unaware that he's basically in a comedy. It's a very stupid, fun film if you've not seen it, and we had fun chatting about it. Hope you enjoy it - it's the latest episode on the iTunes link here, and you can catch up with other great episodes too.